LemonTree supply and fit the entire range of Akva quality waterbed and accessories, and also provide maintenance services, such as pump-outs and refills.


What were LemonTree thinking when we decided that flooring and waterbeds were the perfect combination?

Imagine being a carpet fitter; you spend all day on your hands and knees, contorting your body into all kinds of shapes in order to stretch that (high-quality and probably beautiful) carpet across a room.

Then you spend your evenings in agony, trying to realign your spine for some light relief, before doing it all over again the next day. Painful.

This unfortunate situation pushed us to research a way for our fitters to rest their aching bodies and then we had our 'Eureka moment'...


    Now, the chances are that a certain image springs to mind when someone mentions 'waterbeds'. Austin Powers? I thought so.

But gone are the days of the leopard-print, 60's pleasure pits. Waterbeds have evolved and improved beyond your comprehension and it is our genuine belief that a waterbed would benefit at least one person in every household.

    Asthma? Eczema? Allergies? Bad back? Aching muscles? Aching joints? A waterbed could be the solution!

No matter how much we wash, we all shed skin constantly. These particles sink into a regular mattress and become impossible to remove, providing the perfect feeding ground for dust mites. In actual fact, an average bed can hold up to 2 million dust mites.

Although this is not always a problem, for allergy sufferers it can mean waking up every day with a stuffy nose, watery eyes, or even respiratory problems.

    The frustrating symptoms of allergies, asthma and eczema are aggravated by a substance found in the droppings of the house dust mite, and reducing the number of these mites can make a considerable difference to these symptoms.

A waterbed mattress has no fabric for the dust-mites to live in and the vinyl surface is easily wiped every now and then to keep it clean. A waterbed can, therefore, provide substantial relief for allergy and asthma sufferers. Without the normal allergic reactions to your bedding, your quality of sleep will improve drastically, allowing your body to stop fighting its environment and instead concentrate on a good nights' sleep.

Waterbeds have several advantages over traditional beds in the area of providing therapeutic relief for those suffering from bad backs and aching joints. The older, hard-side 'free flow' mattresses generated significant wave action, requiring stabilization time after any disturbance. But, the newer 'waveless' waterbeds combine air and water pockets, reducing this sensation while maintaining the bed's benefits.

    Manufacturers now use sophisticated, refined vinyl to create mattresses to allow for adequate back support. Waterbeds allow semi-wave action, full wave action or no wave action, which increases its benefits for back health by minimizing pressure on the joints which contributes to the full relaxation of the spine.

Another advantage of a waterbed is that it has the ability to add heat at therapeutic temperature levels. This has equal benefit for the muscles on the hips, back and neck. When heat is applied, it becomes a relaxing haven for people, especially those with back problems because it relaxes the muscles on the area relieving back tension and stress.

According to orthopaedics, waterbeds also allow the sleeper to lie on the bed in comfort and allow for a better range of motion, thereby providing exceptional support and comfort.

But don't just take our word for it, come and visit us at LemonTree and see for yourself...